Roman Portraits

By the 3rd Century (AD), the were two populations in Rome, the living and the immortalized statue. Glorified bodies were created in advance and heads were added when a patron would pay for these glorified version of their immortality.

Here are some photos of the remains of the marble city of Rome.

Atistia, wife of Eurysaches, the Baker; Centrale Montemartini
Atistia, wife of Eurysaces, the Baker; Centrale Montemartini
Montemartini Bustchild
Bust of a child – Centrale Montemartini
Montemartini Shoetreemaker1 2019
Shoetree maker – Centrale Montemartini
Montemartini Bust.2 2019
Male Figure – Centrale Montemartini 
Ostia Antoninuspius
Antoninus Pius – Ostia Antica Museum
Ostia Faustina
Faustina (wife of Antoninus Pius) Ostia Antica Museum
Capitoline Sabina Wifeofhadrian
Sabina (wife of Emperor Hadrian) 2nd Century AD- Capitoline Museum
Capitoline Marsyas
Marsyas 1st Century Roman copy of a 4th century BC Greek statue- Capitoline Museum
Capitoline Female
Female – Capitoline Museum
Capitoline Caryatid
Caryatid (Augustan Period 1st Century BC – Capitoline Museum
Elagabalus – Severen Dynasty- 3rd Century – Capitoline Museum
Museopalatino Manwithaphrygianhat
Man with a Phrygian cap – Palatine Museum
Museopalatino Youngsatyr
Young Satyr – Palatine Museum
Museopalatino Balbinus
Balbinus (Co-Emperor for 3 months with Pupienus) 238 AD, the year of 6 Emperors
Museopalatino Vestalvirgin
Vestal Virgin – Palatine Museum
Lovelocks 2019
Barbarians invade Rome in the 21st Century