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  • Charming Puglia – a good selection of Luxury to boutique to family style hotels


  • Holidays in Puglia – These villas are owned and managed by a German/Pugliese couple. We rented the villa known as Villa Ombrosa near Mirante Beach. It was a great place although the main kitchen living room was dark. But then, we spent most of our time outside.
  • Pure Puglia – If you are interested in renting a Trullo (conical stone house), they have a very good selection
  • Villa Puglia – is another good rental site for Puglia apartments, villas and Trulli


  • Alberobello – the city of Trulli
  • Lecche – the Baroque city of carved sandstone buildings
  • Otranto – The Argonese Castle and the 12th century floors of the Cathedral are amazing.
  • Castel del Monte – 13th century polygon fortress with eight octagonal towers built for Frederick II (Stupor Mundi)
  • Cannae – The battleground where the Romans suffered their worst defeat against Hannibal in 216 BC


Pettole (fried dough), Orecchiette (little ears) pasta, puré di fava (fava bean puree), Polpi in Umido (stewed octopus), Polpette di melanzane (fried eggplant balls) fava bean soup, lamb tiella (tiella is the pan used for cooking), breaded mussels, Agnello al Forno (roasted lamb with potatoes), Agnello alla Pugliese (lamb stew) Zuppa di Pesche alla Pugliese (fish stew), Bombette (thin slices of meat filled with cheese) and percedduzzi (fried gnocchi with honey) are just of few.

  • Al Fornello da Ricci, contrada Montevicoli, Ceglie Messapica, Italy – tel +39 0831377104- This is a Michelin star restaurant with an amazing tasting menu. It’s a little hard to find but worth getting lost to eat here. The website is occasionally not working.