United States History timeline


  • Yapta – tracks the costs before you fly and they send you an email when the price is lower. If the cost drops after you buy the ticket, they issue you a refund
  • BravoFly is good search engine for great prices
  • Which Budget.com – Good good search engine for great prices
  • Cheapo Air offers the same flight on the major carriers but for less money
  • United Airline – only because we’ve been United frequent fliers for over 25 years
  • American Airlines
  • Virgin America
  • US Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue – good discount airline
  • Southwest Airlines – no frills discount airline
  • Seat Guru – type in your airline and flight number and they will tell you the flight configuration. Great site for choosing your seats

Car Rental

  • HotWire.com – They offer airfare, hotels and cars but I’ve just used them for auto rentals
  • Argus Car hire – auto rentals will give ou good prices on car rental in most places around the world.
  • TAXI FARE CALCULATOR – a very useful tool to figure out taxi fares. Good for North America, Europe and some parts of Asia and Australia


  • Amtrak – American Railroad through most places in the US
  • The Rail Dude – This is a small German company that does a great job in train travel
  • The Man in seat 61 – Mark Smith has traveled around the world by train and boat and keeps a really good and informative blog. If you’re into train travel, you’ve got to look at this site.

Apartment Rentals

  • VRBO is the motherlode of apartment rentals all over the world
  • Home Away is another good site (the parent company to VRBO)
  • AirBnb – rooms and apartments worldwide


Trip Insurance

Touring Information

Restaurants and Food

Mobile Hot Spot Internet Rentals

  • TEP Wireless rental – rates for one country or multiple countries for very good rates
  • Cellular Abroad – good rates for MiFi rentals for good rates per country. It’s been a bit difficult to have them configure the mobile hotspot for multiple countries
  • Cellhire International – phones, phone cards, sim rentals and mobile hotspot rentals
  • XCOM Global – mobile hotspots for around $15/day

On line Magazines and Travel sites