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  • National Monuments of France
  • Discover Normandy – a good online site
  • D-Day Beaches
  • Peace Museum – in Caen. It is a a great museum, even if you have no interest in WWI, WWII or the cold war
  • Bayeaux Tapestry – A really great museum and a really great pictorial history of the Battle of Hasting in 1066. It is in amazing condition and was comissioned right after the battle.
  • Honfleur – Picturesque seaside village in the Haut Normandie
  • Rouen – Home of the cathedral Monet loved in so many of his paintings and a lot of old half timber houses
  • Deauville – famous for it’s Film festival, celebrity watching and a beautiful beach and boardwalk


Fish is abundant and you’ll see a lot of Bar (sea bass), Coquilles st. Jacques (scallops) , Crevettes (prawns), Langoustines (small Bay lobsters), Saumon (salmon), Huîtres (oysters), Homard (lobster), Rouget (mullet), Coques (cockles), Moules (mussels), Bigorneaux (periwinkles), Bulots (sea snails), Maquereau (mackerel) and Truite (trout).You’ll also have a good selection of Veau (veal), Boeuf (beef), Volaille (poultry), Agneau (lamb) and Porc (pork). Since this is the land of butter, many of the dishes are served in a rich butter and cream sauce. This is also the region for apple cider and Calvados (apple and pear brandy). There is also a version of “La Captive Poire William” Brandy where a pear is grown into the bottle. The bottle is placed over the pear and it grows inside the bottle.