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  • Daios Hotel – $$-$$$ – Contemporary/Modern Hotel. Great location overlooking the Gulf of Thessaloniki
  • Excelsior Hotel – $$-$$$ – Renovated early 19th century classical building in the center of the historical city near the Gulf of Thessaloniki



Thessaloniki is on the sea and seafood is available everywhere. The city is also famous for souvlaki, (slices of pork on pita bread with chopped potatoes, tomatos, onions and tzadziki (cucumber yoghurt) sauce.  Breakfast here is traditionally the ‘bougatsa’, filled phylo dough pastry that are only available in the mornings. There are souvlaki (sublaki) cafes across the city. There are also a variety of sweet and savory pies known as ‘mpougatsa’. ‘Cazan dipi’, a caramelized Turkish cream, a version of creme brulee and the famous “Panorama’ triangles”, syrupy sweet filled with cream.