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I am a classicist when it comes to food. Yes, there are lots of nouvelle style restaurants in Russia and the influx of International cooking has hit the cities, but I prefer to eat good old Russian classics like Piroghi (dumplings filled with cabbage, eggs, meat, mushrooms and potato), Piroshki (small bread pies filled with meat and vegetables), Pirog (large pies savory or sweet),  Borscht (beet soup), Shchi (sour cabbage soup), Beef stroganoff (braised beef with carrots, potatoes and noodles), Veal Orlov (braised veal with mushrooms, onions and bechamel sauce), Smoked fish, Caviar (beluga and sevruga) and Blinis, Roast duck with apples or cherries, Kasha (buckwheat groats), Knish (potato dumpling), and Sirniki (fried pancakes of cottage cheese, eggs and flour).

Drinking in Russia is dominated by Vodka but there are quite a few beers and imported wine. Restaurants also offer Kvass (a dark drink made from fermented black bread) and Medovukha (a meade like fermented honey drink)