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  • Le Meridien Hotel is righ on the glitzy Nanking Road. It’s comfortable, convenient and has amazing views but you are right int he thick of it all
  • JIA Boutique Hotel – is small, luxurious hotel in a 1920’s renovated building very close to all central locations (Opened in 2008)
  • There are lots of modern Highrise Hotels all very close to the Bund, just make sure you are NOT on the Pudong side of the river. The hotels over there are nice but it’s a long walk away.


Shanghai is a city like New York. There is a very good metro system, the roads are good and the cabs are inexpensive. It’s a great city to see on your own.


This is the land of Dim sum, pork spare ribs, pork buns, wonton soup, crispy fried chicken and lots of things we’ve never seen before. Some menus are translated and some have photos but it’s all an adventure.