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Castile-La Mancha: Toledo and Cuenca


Valdepalacios Hotel Gourmand – Deluxe Country estate, spa and restaurant about 2hrs from the old city of Toldeo – near TOLEDO

AC Ciudad De Toledo – across the river from the city. Beautiful place. Now a Marriott Property – TOLEDO

Parador Toledo – across the river. Beautiful traditional hotel with spectacular views of the old city – TOLEDO

Parador AlarconCUENCA 

Hotel La CamineraCiudad Real -LA MANCHA


Visit Castille-La Mancha – tourism site

Toledo – once the Royal city. It still has a haunting memory of the Moor and Jewish communities that once lived there. The El Greco House is another great stop

Cuenca – visit this beautiful Heritage city

Follow the Route of Don Quixote – The house of Dulcinea and the Don Quixote Museum in El Toboso, the windmills of Consuegra Hill, The Laguna de Ruidera National Park (16 small lakes in the midst of a very dry land) and if you are near Puerto Lapice, there is a  the 17th century “Venta” (Inn) , the kind where Quixote and Pancho would have stayed.


This is the land of Saffron and Manchego cheese. The fresh Manchego is unlike anything you can find outside this region. Pisto (pepper, onions, eggplant and tomatoes) is very big here, so is a good hearty stew. Anything in season is made into a Manchego stew with a base of pisto and thickened with old pieces of bread. It’s very delicious. Manchego lamb is prized throughout Spain (and the world) and just about everything here is cooked with lots of garlic. Also try the marzipan from Toldeo. They’ve been making it here since the time of the Moors.