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Three Sisters Hotel. It was a nice “old world” place but if you get a room with a window facing the street it might get a bit noisy. This a is drinker’s city.

The Hotel Telegraaf is in the Old Town. It is new and contemporary and very beautiful. Highly Recommended.


Tallinn City Guide – This is a great tongue and cheek overview of the city. It’s filled with really good information on Tallinn (places to go, bars, restaurants and general information)

Tallinn City Official Guide

The Old Town has taken a beating over the years with a lot of bombing but it still holds onto most of it’s 16th-18th century charm. It’s a good three day city. It’s also a favorite for the alcoholic binge parties. It’s a short hop from Finland where alcohol is at least 4 times the cost and an easy flight from the UK where people really know how to have a good “piss up”. However, during the days, it’s quiet and very charming.


The food is typical of the Baltics and Eastern Europe with lots of beets, herring, potatoes, pork, cabbage and fish. Some of the dishes are hearty and simple like mulgikapsad (sauerkraut and pork casserole with potatoes) or Verivorst (blood sausage and barley) and suitsukala (smoked fish). Everything is either served with potatoes or sauerkraut and there is always lots of very dark rye bread. This is a meat eating country although there are a few vegetable choices like Rosolje (a pink salad of beets, eggs and potatoes). There are some dishes that require an adventurous pallet like pig ears with sauerkraut,  Sült (slow simmered pork in pork gelatin) or keel hernestega (translated as Gossip’s Fate is tongue).

Estonia is a beer drinking country. The two most popular are  Saku and A.Le Coq. There is also a local Vodka called Viru Valge and an herbal tonic known as Vana Tallinn that is definitely an acquired taste. Othere beverages include Kali (unfermented beer), Kvass (fermented rye bread) and meade (honey beer). There are wines but they seem to all be imported.

Vanaema Juures (Grandma’s Place) on Rataskaevu Street near the Town Hall square. It’s hard to get a table in this small underground restaurant, but be persistant. It’s a great meal; just like Granda would have made.