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  • Lady Hamilton Hotel is a very comfortable boutique hotel in a really beautifully restored building int he old town. Very traditional. We like it.
  • The Rival Hotel – in the old town a recently renovated boutique hotel. Very chic
  • Berns Hotel – This is one of the classic hotels of Stockholm that just had a very expensive makeover and update. In the old Town
  • Radisson Blu Strand – on the water and about a 15-20 minute from everywhere



Fresh fish, shellfish and all kinds of herring (pickled, fresh, creamed). You’ll find lots of restaurants offering a Swedish Smorgasbord, large buffet serving herring, salmon,, spareribs, Swedish meatballs and occasionally reindeer meat. Take a walk to the 1880 Östermalm Food Hall and you’ll see some amazing Swedish food. The Food Hall is about a 25 minute walk from the old town.