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Many German foods are popular in countries world wide. There is sauerbraten (pot roast cooked in vinegar and spices) and it’s usually served with either a healthy helping of broad egg noodles, french fries,  Spatzle(pasta grains made with lots of egg yolk) or Kartoffel Knödel (dumplings made of bread and potatoe and either boiled or fried). The German version of ravioli is called Maultaschen. In the springtime it’s Spargel (asparagus) season and Germany is famous for the sweet, white asperagus.

The best for me is wurst. Germany is home to some of the best sausages in the world. I am also partial to Austrian sausages but there always seems to be a larger variety of them here in Berlin. You have a choice of bratwurst and Rostbratwurst (grilled sausages) and the really tasty Thüringer RostbratwurstBlutwurst (blood sausage),  Schwarzwurst (black sausage), Weisswurst (white sausages), Bockwurst (typical franfurter/hot dog), Knockwurst (usually all beef) and the local favorite Currywurst (bratwurst in a red curry flavored sauce). Currywurst is the national food of Germany.

I love the choice of German bread, black bread, pumpernickel, rye bread and the best soft pretzels in the world. There are bakeries almost at every corner.

The star of the desert menu is the Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (the Black forrest cake with cherries). There are also the Berliner, a Berlin donut.

If you’re a beer drinker this is the place for you. From Pilsner to and Hefeweiss to Octoberfest, Bock and Doppel Bock the range of German beer can be very confusing. The local Berlin beer “Berliner” even makes a really good  style made with lemonaide. There is much more to German beer than Lowenbrau, Paulaner, Becks, Spaten and St Pauli Girl. If you really want to know more about German Beer while you’re traveling in Germany, take a look at this German Beer site.

  • Hackescher Market  – is a great place for lunch and people watching
  • Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt – This is a beer house and restaurant near the Gendarmenmarkt and a 5 minute walk from our rental apartment on Friedrichstrasse. The food is excellent and the beer is cold and refreshing. We went back many times