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  • We advise staying in a hotel in Andalusia and driving to Gibraltar. The whole country is a Day Trip.


  • Gibraltar: The Rock, The Barbary Apes, Saint Michael’s Cave, The Siege Tunnels, Main Street (for shopping) and a few other things


The diet of most Gibraltarians includes foods from Italy and Malta but they do have a few of their own like:

  • Calentita (a focaccia like bread made from chickpea flour). The story is the vendors used to yell “Calentita” when they would sell it, saying it was hot from the oven. It’s kind of like Italian farinata.
  • Panissa (a pan baked version of Calentita usually cut into strips)
  • Japonessa – sweet cream filled donuts
  • Rolitos – thin slices of beef rolled around a mixture vegetables in breadcrumbs, egg, and oil