• Greece

The Byzantine city and second city of Greece

2009 - Corfu Greece

Corfu in the Ionian Islands of Greece

2009 - Athens and Hydra

The new Acropolis Museum, Athens and the island of Hydra

2007 - Peloponesse; Mycenae, Nafplio, Epivadros, Olympia

Peloponesse Greece with visits to Nafplio, Mycenae, Epivadros and Olympia

2007 - Athens

The Acropolis Hill, The Plaka, The Archeology Museum and the Ancient Agora

2007 - Kos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

The Asklepion, the St John\'s Fortress and Kos Island in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece


Our 2000 visit to Athens


Our 2000 visit to Crete and the lost city of Knossos

2000 - Mykonos

Our 2000 visit to Mykonos and Delos

2000 - Rhodes

Our 2000 visit to Rhodes

2000 - Santorini

Our 2000 visit to the island of Santorini